Dormeuil: Technical, Sustainable, Traceable Luxury

If only your eyes could feel this fabric…

At Leviner Wood we have thousands of swatches to choose from when commissioning your new garments, and they’re all wonderful. But there are a few that stand out at first glance from the other bunches. An awful lot of those come from Dormeuil, the French company that has been producing English wool since 1862.

Top-dyed (the wool is dyed before being spun into threads), humanely raised and sustainably harvested, Dormeuil has recently produced a collection of fabrics that come with their own QR codes letting the wearer trace the wool back to the farm and herd that supplied the heavenly cloth used to make his new suit or sportcoat.

That’s typical of the sort of innovation that the company founded in 1842 is known for. After all, they developed the first technical fabrics in the 1920s, which were worn by the “Musketeers”, the legendary French tennis players who included René Lacoste (who favoured the cooling properties of his Frilex whites.) Today Dormeuil produces Excel, which is a 100% wool with enough natural stretch that their promotional video involves a rider putting his suit through its paces while on horseback. Mr. Bond would approve.

But luxury has always been the name of the game at a house that uses rare wools. We’ve tried to capture the sheen, the hand, the way that the fabric drapes … but you really have to hold it in your hands to fully appreciate its beauty and extreme high quality.

Pictures can’t do Dormeuil fabrics justice. This is a suit you will long to wear.

When you’re ready to explore some of the finest fabrics available worldwide, call and set an appointment to see the Dormeuil books. It’s a whole different world. 804.928.7946

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