Doctor’s Orders: Functional Button Holes


FBHSurgeon’s cuffs, so-called because they can be unbuttoned and rolled up allowing the early 20th Century doctor to operate without resorting to removing his jacket to avoid bloodstains and revealing his underwear (read: dress shirt.)

Once the mark of a custom or bespoke garment, you see functional button holes on ready-to-wear numbers today. A lot of people mistake surgeon’s cuffs for a mark of a quality garment. That’s not necessarily so! However, it is a distinct detail that gives you a bit of pleasure just knowing they are there.

You may choose to have just two working button holes put on the sleeve. Just the top two will allow you to pass the garment down to your son who may have to have the sleeves adjusted.

Kissing functional buttonholes

Oh, true elegance demands that the buttons be kept buttoned. Like a fancy  lining, they are a secret pleasure. Besides, those in the know can spot a working button-hole at ten paces.

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