9.5 D: Last Pair of Limited Run Horween Shell Cordovan Loafers


USD$595. This is the last pair of the limited run Horween Shell Cordovan Randolph loafer. Amazingly light for cordovan and durable as the day is long. A beautiful shoe. Get them while you can.

If you’re anything like we are at Leviner Wood, you’re a nut for high quality, classic clothing. High-quality and classic, two adjectives that are top of mind when it comes to shell cordovan shoes.

What makes Horween shell cordovan so special? Vegetable tanning, rareity, durability, beauty, and low-maintenance. What’s not to love?

Shell cordovan is made from horse hide and only two 18″ pieces of the leather are taken from each horse. Shell cordovan is prized for its durability, giving each pair that you own a life-expectancy far exceeding your calfskin shoes. Interestingly, if you’re interested in these sorts of things, menswear purists will insist that shell cordovan is the only leather suitable for a pair of oxblood colored shoes, the remainder of a gentleman’s shoe wardrobe being only black (city) or brown (country or at the weekend.) In particular, the cordovan loafer is a trad standby in black or oxblood.

Contrary to popular belief, shell cordovan is really low maintenance. It will bloom (show some oils) that are simply rubbed back into the leather with a clean, soft cloth. Use shoe polish sparingly, it really only takes a good brushing and buffing to bring out the natural luster of the shell cordovan leather. With a Vibram or double leather sole, cordovan shoes make excellent inclement weather footwear, taking on the elements in style. Since they feel a bit heavier, you’ll feel sure-footed in all but the worst gales. Also contrary to what you may have heard, shell cordovans are not at all uncomfortable to wear. They break in very quickly and are a joy to put on. When and where they crease, showing a bit of lighter color in the depressions marks them as uniquely your own and adds a tremendous amount of character.

Purchase a pair of cordovans like the AE Randolph model above, try to wear them out (especially with the Allen Edmonds re-crafting service available) and be sure to specify in your will which of your grandchildren will inherit.

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