Dirty, Rotten, Well-Dressed Scoundrels

Broadway’s Jeff McCarthy and Richmond’s Own CPO Scott Wichmann, USNR

What a great show. “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” is playing at the Empire Theater on Broad St., running through August 7. Yes, it is based on the Michael Caine and Steve Martin movie of the 1980’s. Except this is a musical (score by the guy who did “The Full Monty”). Go see it at once. You’ll laugh yourself into a puddle.

What made it even more interesting to a guy in custom clothing was a sort of universal message: dress for your audience. Or better yet: dress to influence your audience’s perception of you.

We all remember the basic premise of the movie, two con men, the French Riviera, a bet…

Do you remember the two con men? One a grifter playing the marks he meets along the way; the other set up in a mansion, with help, fleecing rich women on behalf of his country’s fight against forces seeking to depose him.

Guess which one is more successful?

During the course of the production, Lawrence, “The Prince”, wears a double-breasted white dinner jacket, a grey business suit, white shirt and dark tie, a double-breasted blue business suit with a conservative shirt and tie and a white linen suit, pale shirt and tie and a Panama hat.

Freddy, his protege, begins the play dressed as a sort of horrible tourist — mercifully in long trousers instead of shorts. He is slowly reworked into a junior version of his mentor (the Ruprick escapade and Sgt. Benson episode aside), his future brightens, and we know that he will one day own “some really great s*#!.”

Just as showing up is half the battle, the other half is looking the part.

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  1. Michael says:

    “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” is a remake of David Niven, Marlon Brando & Shirley Jones in “Bedtime Story” produced 1963.
    Taking nothing away from the play, I found the original movie much funnier.
    Maybe that’s why some people like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ; it’s the absurdity of Steve Martin , “wild and crazy guy”, as a gigolo.

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