Deconstructing the Unconstructed Sportcoat

You’re going to be seeing a lot of these.  The sportcoats are called casual, unconstructed, summer weight, or lightweight, and all the brands have them now. They are cut trimmer and are made up from cotton, linen, or blends like silk and wool. But what really makes them different and should you have one?

LarryUnCoatThis is a lightweight wool with a linen like texture. You can see when Larry opens it up that there is a lining across the shoulders and down the front panels. The visible seams are taped for neatness.


The pockets are sewn in using the same cloth instead of using the typical pocket bag. Above the pocket, you can see part of the inner breast pocket bag which sits behind the partial lining on the front panel.


Here’s the part that separates the better-made garment from most off-the-rack models. You’re looking at part of the chest canvas. A full floating, but lighter-weight, chest canvas is used to give the jacket some structure and longevity. Full-canvassed fronts allow the garment to subtly shape to your body with regular wear. Because it is a floating canvas, there is absolutely no stiffness to the sportcoat, making this a very comfortable, easy-wearing piece.

Unconstructed sportcoats can be worn for casual Fridays, and work really well with jeans and khakis. You can dress them up or down and they make great travel garments. The lack of a full lining will make this your go-to coat for the warmer months. Try one in a brighter hue or a different fabric. We recommend them.

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