Dads and Grads

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You’ve got him this far, and you’re proud of his accomplishments. But, before you send him off into the world, you have one last piece of fatherly wisdom to impart.

First impressions do matter. Find a good tailor and stick with him.

Help him put his best foot forward (get him in the door) with his first custom suit. Celebrate this or any event with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages, while we will attend to your sartorial requests.  Please call Larry (804.928.7946) to discuss the menu and schedule a date for your son(s) to have an authentic taste of what your success has brought you. (a first taste of the rewards of being a successful professional.)

Attractive starting price points and a unique, well-fitted, luxury garment. Give an authentic experience and a cherished memory to your newly minted adult.

After all, they’re your children. Have them look the part.

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