Cycling Seasons


We’re less than a month away from the big bicycle race that will bring the world to Richmond, VA and reinforce the joys of urban transportation. Bicycles, pedestrians, rail commuters and bus riders are common sights across the rest of the world. Here in the USA, we’re catching on. Part of what makes us more successful at navigating cyclical seasons in the great urban out-of-doors is the introduction of technical fabrics. Hot one day, temperate the next. Sunny mornings and afternoon cloud bursts call for adaptability.

What you see above is the urban dweller’s and traveller’s dream cloth. Windstop, waterproof, breathable, ripstop, and with natural stretch, this is the stuff for people on the go. Caught out in a quick Indian summer squall? Pull your new sports coat over your head and dash indoors for a half-pint to wait it out. No reason to miss the races.

A number of the swatches show double-faced material, with one side being a pattern and the other a solid. A nice surprise for those of you who have discovered the usability of semi-lined and unlined sports coats. Again, perfect for travel and stuffing into a backpack.

Come in and see — and more importantly, feel — this wonder material, and choose your own. Modern cloth for the modern man, at Leviner Wood.


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