Cyber Monday

(Evelyn Waugh’s measurements in the book at Anderson & Sheppard, Savile Row. Via: The Evelyn Waugh Newsletter and Studies)

Tailors in general are traditionalists. Slow to embrace change. Although there have been advances in cutting cloth using lasers and multi-bladed machines, we still have tailors who can cut a pair of trousers using “rock of eye” and hand sew buttonholes with stitches beside which LBJ’s appendix scar pales. Those curved seams on your garments? Hand sewn. That covered button you wanted? Hand made. There is another long standing tradition that tailors are slow to get rid of: keeping your measurements on file.

You get the idea.

But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t made it into the 21st Century here at Leviner Wood. We’re a part of the crackberry generation and it’s easier now to keep in touch with us. There’s this blog, too, keeping you informed (and we’re hoping that you find the content interesting.) All of which means that you can simply contact us when you need a half dozen shirts just like the last half dozen. Or another pair of Allen Edmonds in the same size. Or Sherry and Holland buttons for your custom blazer. Need a tie in a hurry? Pick up the phone. Fast gift? Send us the details for a gift certificate and we’ll call back for your credit card number. We ship worldwide, too.

Oh, of course! You may email us now, too. Vastly more civilized way of “shopping”, isn’t it?

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