Customizing Custom

One of the most fun experiences you can have with custom is doing something that isn’t readily available off-the-rack. Take the trousers above. Donegal tweed, good for weekends, Friday casual, and any day when the thermometer plunges (we’re looking at you, Polar Vortex.) But that doesn’t mean you have to stop with the more than a dozen shades of this very comfortable cloth. How about adding some durability and a little pop of custom? Nubuck accents along the pockets are great for protecting stress points (particularly if you clip anything to your pockets — pens, pocket knife, flashlight, etc.) I tend to match the color of the boots or gloves I’d wear, but you don’t have to — there are plenty of flecks of color in Donegal tweed to bring out.

Call Larry today and have a little fun.

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