Custom Shoes at Leviner Wood!

These shoes are kickin’! (Pun gleefully intended.)

I’ve had trouble with dress loafers, specifically, after my right middle toe was broken by a falling champagne bottle (which, thankfully survived as it helped wash down the painkillers. I know, first world problems….) With the result that the right shoe is always a little tight and the left a little looser. The shoes do come in a matched set, after all. So imagine my joy when Larry started carrying custom dress shoes! Each foot, individually measured and made for, slips beautifully in and out of my calf skin tassel loafer, without complaint! These things feel good and are just the right size(s) to fit my custom orthotics.

If you’ve ever wondered if they’re worth it, I say “YES!” (Besides, they’re not any more expensive than my typical footwear. For me, the choice is a no-brainer.) Call Larry today and get measured up for a pair in any number of styles and colors.

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