Cool Comfort


It wasn’t until the 1980’s that all suits were fully lined. Somehow, we associated a full lining with better quality garments. Not necessarily true. Lining can hide a lot of sins.


These seams are beautifully finished.


And wouldn’t you like a jacket that you could chuck around like a shirt? One that wears as comfortably and keeps you cooler since there is minimal lining to trap hot air?


These unlined jackets and suit coats are still handsomely made. Look at the hand stitching on the canvassed chest piece. That looseness allows for more movement of the material. It moves with you instead of standing away from the body. Result? Comfort and with time, it becomes a part of you, sort of like the nib on a fountain pen that wears to your angle of writing.


And yes, you still get the interesting and subtle details that you have come to expect from a Leviner Wood custom garment. Like the buttons above.

Isn’t it time you benefitted from what our fathers knew? Partially lined is cool comfort in a very well-(un)constructed garment. Silk, linen, tweed, worsted wool, you name it. We recommend it.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

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