Convertible Coats: Introducing the E-Type Sport Coat

fall coat 4

Traditional, with a twist. That’s what everyone must of thought when the Jaguar E-Type was unveiled. Jag was always known for producing a great roadster in the traditional English style, scooped cockpit, leather and wood inside, long nose and abbreviated tail. But no one was ready for the E-Type when it was introduced in March of 1961. Pure style married to stunning technical advancements. The car became an instant classic. Traditional with a twist.

Days like today make you itch to get outside. 60º, sunny, light breeze. Put the top down, the sunglasses on and find Route 5. And this is just the coat to do it in. An instant classic.

Traditional, durable houndstooth wool styled with two ticket pockets, flapped and buttoned hip pockets, side vents, two button closure, natural shoulder and wool flannel elbow patches. Just right for traveling, driving, and Fall tailgates. Stylish but discreet.

Until you zip in the charcoal brown interior flannel plaquet and convert the stylish to something more. That plaquet lends an extra layer of warmth and a whole lot of extra style. Zip it up and you lose five pounds and gain a lot of appreciative glances. Upland hunter? Rally driver? A convertible coat; that’s just cool.

Faster than a tweed sportcoat, a little dressier than a jacket. Informal, but tailored. Casually elegant.

Take it from technical consultant and Leviner Wood client Vinnie Schoenfelder who knows the advantage of being cutting edge in a casual business like IT. (That’s him in his new coat and shoes in the photo above.) He’ll tell you that form follows function. And in the most perfect iteration, you get an elegant solution to your needs.

Wear it with jeans, Leviner Wood’s cash-flannel jean, khakis, cords, twills … The E-Type Sportcoat, traditional can be cool. Offered in standard sizes at $360.

E-Type Sportcoat AE

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