Coming Up In The Green Room

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Let’s talk layers, tweed jackets, cashmere sweaters in v-neck and sleeveless quarter-zip models, custom casual trousers and custom casual shirts. Of course we’ll have Allen Edmonds casual lines that take you beyond the sneaker/boat shoe in style, but are just as comfortable. And a few accessories that make the man, like Crescent City custom belts in alligator, croc, and even bridle leather, to name a few. Because dressing like a grownup, especially at the weekend, doesn’t have to mean crazy colors, ill-fitting clothing, or something so fitted that only adolescent models can get into it.

We’ll even talk taste beer with the help of the guys behind a new label founded and brewed here in Richmond.

So let’s talk laters. Stay tuned for the details and when to drop into The Green Room to see what we’re talking about.

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