Cold Comfort. Carded Wool and Flannel.


What a winter we’re having! Cold, warm, freezing,  snowy, sunny, sleeting. We’ve run the gamut and we’re betting that your wardrobe is pulling double duty. Those “year-round” (three season suits, really) could stand some R&R. That’s when you reach for something like the combination above.

It almost goes without saying that gray flannel trousers are the cold weather alternative to warmer temperature’s cotton khakis. They go with everything and are extremely comfortable to wear. (Keep in mind that you can wear double-pleated trousers without looking like you’re 100 years old by having them cut slimmer!) Gray flannels pair naturally with a carded wool (it feels like flannel thanks to having a bit of “nap” to the hand) sportcoat.

The great thing about a sportcoat like the one above is that it goes really well with khakis, too. Always a plus in Richmond with our schizophrenic weather patterns.

At Leviner Wood, we may even have some in stock for those of you who can’t wait. Call Larry and drop by….

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