Classic Gray Flannel Pinstripe

Natural shoulder, slightly shaped coat with front darts and notched lapels, flapped pockets, flat front trousers with belt loops and two inch cuffs. This is the classic “winter” business striped suit. “Winter” is in quotes Bruce flannel used to be considered at least three season weight, if not in summer white.

Also take note of the two button stance which has regained it's 1960's popularity. The slightly lower button stance is almost universally flattering to all body types and was a particular favorite of JFK's.

A good jumping off point for those of you who want to add some texture and interest to your cooler months clothing without going overboard. Flannel, it should be said, is extremely comfortable to wear. Don't be surprised if this becomes your favorite suit!

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1 Response to Classic Gray Flannel Pinstripe

  1. Michael says:

    Yet another beautiful suit.
    Considering today’s propensity for “skinny”, it’s nice to see the standard.
    Not too wide, nor too narrow.
    For men who know clothing, this suit is never out of style.

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