Cashmere Sweater Damage? Don’t Trash It. Mend It!


There’s cashmere and there’s cashmere. You’ve noticed it if you’ve bought a sweater in the last ten years. The prices seem more reasonable, but they pill rather quickly. Or you may have paid for premium cashmere four-ply stuff (like the $1800 Loro Piana number above), in which case you know the difference. Nothing feels as good as the real deal.

If you’ve got one of those more substantial sweaters that you can’t bear to give up, regardless of the moth holes or other damage, don’t worry! Save it! For a fraction of the cost that you paid for it, it can be mended by our expert reweavers.

Send it to Reweaving of Richmond and enjoy again it this winter. We highly recommend it. There’s a link to the service on our sidebar. Or click here for contact information.

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