Can You Feel It?

At Leviner Wood we appreciate the online experience. Here we hope to entertain, enlighten and inspire. Buying online, we understand, is a convenience. Easy, fast, fewer decisions, easy returns when something just… isn’t… quite… right.

Which is why we love to have you stop by the studio on Monument Avenue. Here you can ask advice from Larry about fabrics, cuts, buttons, linings, and colors. But above all, you can feel the fabrics that will go into making your garments. Take the outfit above, for example. This is a great representation of summer textures. All clothing doesn’t have to be made from a dry worsted wool you know!

Take a closer look.

The nubbiness of the linen is echoed in the slubs in the tie, the pebbled grain of the elk loafer and belt, the weave of the straw hat and the twill of the grosgrain band.

But trust us, the photos don’t do justice to the real things. These fabrics feel even better than they look, especially in the heat. Come on in and run a few samples through your fingers. Call Larry and schedule an appointment today.

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