Can I Wear a Slim Suit?

They’re all the rage these days, slim suits. In reality, the cut is similar to the early 60’s silhouette that reigned supreme in Richmond at least through the early 1980’s. It is a classic look that will never really go out of style because it has very little to do with style and everything to do with making you look good.

What’s so different about the two button, slim suits of today?

Well, take a look at the photo above. That’s the new model on the right — the gray one. If you click on the photo you can get much closer.

Notice a few things: the gorge (the notch where the collar meets the lapel is higher); the lapel itself is narrower; the middle button stance is higher; and, if you look very closely, you’ll notice that the arm hole is cut higher — which is essential to having the jacket fit you better — meaning the jacket will stay with you when you move your arms instead of floating away from your core.

So can you get away with a trimmer model, two button suit? Sure! JFK did, why can’t you?

Because we create custom garments cut to your measurements, we can fit your unique shape in a “modern” cut. The trouser may not be Sammy Davis, Jr.’s “stovepipes” but it won’t be the double pleated number that is based on the classic cut of the 1930’s. Then again, if you’re as thin as Sammy, go for it. The trouser is generally flat front and may taper down to an 18″ bottom. But we also make a number of single pleated trousers for those of you who do a lot of sitting at a computer or behind the wheel. Same look, different cut, same level of comfort. That’s the benefit of good tailoring. In fact, the whole suit will feel like it’s been made just for you. Which it has.

And that’s the benefit of custom clothing by Leviner Wood.

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