Can a Sport Coat Be As Versatile As a Blue Blazer?

The short answer is “yes!” Especially if it is made up of seasonal colors. The example above shows us that it can be combined with yellow/mustard, grey, black, stone, and olive trousers in linen, cotton khaki, and worsted wool. Shirts of lavender, ecru, white and pale blue will go nicely, too. Basically everything in your summer to fall wardrobe.

As for ties? They have become increasingly optional for the business casual world. The tie is more a symbol of the CEO and Chairman of the Board these days. An opulent indulgence in luxury fabric. So, if you choose to wear an open collar, why not add a bit of interest? Buttons in a complimentary shade work with or without a sport coat.

Choices. Yet another advantage of becoming a Leviner Wood custom clothing client.

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