Bringing Your AE Shoes Back to Life.

You know that your Allen Edmonds were a good investment, but did you know what a great value they are? When you buy a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, you always have the benefit of having them recrafted.

Yes, your favorite shoes feel great. They’re perfectly broken in. And sometime later they’re a little busted up.

(An actual pair of AE shoes from a Leviner Wood client before recrafting.)

(That same pair of shoes after undergoing recrafting.)

So why do they call it recrafting? Because the factory takes the shoe apart and rebuilds it from the ground up on the same last on which it was originally created.

Click through and watch the video to see the whole process.

If your shoes are looking a bit down at the heel, give us a call. We will pick up your shoes from you and handle the whole recrafting process, returning them in A-1 shape.

Some things are just too good to throw away. Like good service and great products. You know, the things we bring you everyday at Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers.

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