Boot Up in the Morning

I love a good pair of boots. Maybe it’s the college boy in me that thinks that a pair of well-worn khakis, 10″ pull-on Redwings, oxford cloth button down, flask and a battered ball cap only needs a school tie to make it from the tailgate through the gates to the game.

Boots are easy and go with the unofficial Virginia uniform of khakis, jeans, flannels and cords. But sometimes you’ve got to go from the boardroom to the stock room and that’s where the Allen Edmonds Haight model boot comes into play. Pull them on in the morning and wear them all day.

Yes, it’s a Chelsea style slip-on boot.

Yes, it has a Dainite sole to handle rain and snow.

And yes, it has some brogueing at the toe and a refined shape that looks just as good as your favorite oxford or blucher under dress trousers. Which also makes it the perfect travel companion.

AE Haight. $350. Let Larry know you want a pair today

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