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As a Leviner Wood client, you are well-dressed.  That’s a given. Working with Larry, the owner of Leviner Wood for 24 years, you’re getting a lot more than just clothing.

But if you’ve ever wondered how to wear the latest style, or what tie to wear with a patterned shirt and suit, or what to do with that collection of clothing in your closet, we have answers.

We’re proud to work with an image consultant who works exclusively with men. With a background in upscale menswear retailing and advertising, he knows how to separate hype from what is here to stay. Customizing your look for your position in the business world and polishing up your casual wear has never been easier. He can even provide you with a custom lookbook, laying out your clothing to give you an idea of what goes with what and for what occasion.

“Working with Chris on several projects this past year and most recently with two high-profile clients, I can wholeheartedly endorse Chris for those of you who want a global view of your existing wardrobe.” –Larry Wood

By the hour, corporate counseling, small group presentations, and one-on-one counseling packages available. Click here for more information.

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