And the Winner Is…

Did you catch the Golden Globes? Are you hosting an Oscars party? Leviner Wood has the winning entry, a velvet dinner jacket, as seen on Tom Hanks, et. al.

The velvet dinner jacket has its roots in the smoking jacket, a garment a man would don to enjoy his cigar after dinner, sparing his dinner clothes the aroma of the tobacco. Today, the velvet dinner jacket is an acceptable substitute for evening clothes, something a bit more eye-catching than the expected tuxedo.

And, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with color, but aren’t ready to go the full navy blue Skyfall tuxedo route, the velvet dinner jacket looks great in traditional bottle green, maroon, and blue. Noel Coward would probably argue for brown. We’d like to see red or a regal purple at the holidays. Wear with your tuxedo trousers or a pair of jeans for that Ralph Lauren look.

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