And That’s the Way It Was…

(July 5, 2010 - Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America)

Are you as struck as we are with this photo taken during the Queen’s recent visit to Ground Zero? This is the middle of a heat wave on the East Coast. Yes, the officers of the NYPD are in Dress Blues, as is appropriate. Yes, the Secret Service wore dark suits, as is expected. Yes Prince Phillip wore a beautifully cut navy blue suit and a pocket square, which comes as no surprise.

But look carefully at the photographers in the press section.

There is a cameraman wearing a dark suit, shirt and tie. In our professional opinion, it is a custom suit and shirt. You try hoisting a television camera up to your shoulder without the jacket riding up to your ears. Nigh on impossible.

Unless you are wearing a well-cut and beautifully tailored custom suit from Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers. In which case the scye of your suit will let your jacket move with you as does the cameraman’s. Leaving you looking more like the on-air talent and less like a sweaty tourist with a nice camera.

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