An Odd Vested Interest

Crazy weather we’re having isn’t it? But you know the old joke: “Don’t like the Richmond weather? Wait a minute…”

Still, it brings to mind the need to layer your clothing to suit all sorts of conditions. Especially since we’re all walking around in these really super lightweight wools. Here at Leviner Wood we’d like you to consider upping your style quotient with an odd vest. The one pictured above is a traditional six button cut made up in a cream linen with a plain rayon back complete with strap and buckle. It goes really well with pinstripes, chalkstripes and the light grays that are our most popular color for suits this season.

If you like to wear patterned shirts and ties with your striped suits, a solid vest will help anchor the look and keep you for straying into “TV test pattern” territory. With white collar and cuff shirts and a polka dot tie, it really will set you apart. Much like the fellow below from “Men In Style” who is strolling the boulevards of Paris ca. 1936.

Of course your choices aren’t limited to cream linen, or even a six button single breasted style. We can make them all, from double-breasted dove gray to tweed with lapels, or hunter green ultrasuede. Consider a vest. It really isn’t that odd.

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