Add a Vest, Behold the Power of Three

David Beckham does not endorse Leviner Wood; we're not even sure he knows we exist.

David Beckham does not endorse Leviner Wood; we’re not even sure he knows we exist.

The three-piece suit is misunderstood today. Where it was once a way to stay warmer, or cooler (removing a suit coat in the office was not done unless you wore a vest to cover up your shirt), the three-piece suit today isn’t strictly a form-follows-function choice.

Dan #articlesofstyle nails the odd vest.

Dan #articlesofstyle nails the odd vest.

Rather, it is a mark of a serious man, one who sits at the head of the table,  the rainmaker. If the two piece suit is the one-two punch, the three-piece comes in with a haymaker.

Flannel for Vest

That vest isn’t always attached to a suit these days, either. There are odd vests, contrasting with the fabric of the other two pieces, often echoing  a color in a stripe or windowpane. There is the plaid vest, lending a festive air to staid and sober blazers and grey flannels. Rough tweeds lend a rugged air, flannels a sense of refined comfort. And with today’s weights, the cloth isn’t likely to make you regret working indoors.


Order your vests, and three-piece suits today to ensure that you get the most use out of them this coming fall and winter.

Vests starting at $275, fully custom-made to your unique measurements.

Call Larry today: 804928.7946.

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