A Neo-Neopolitan Jacket for Richmond VA

“Soft”, “Light”, “Comfortable”, all words that spring to mind when we think of Neopolitan tailoring. The Italians — Mr. Armani, specifically — are the ones who took the stiffness out of the traditional structure of coats and jackets by removing as much of the canvassing and padding as possible. The result is a jacket that molds to the wearer, is incredibly soft to wear and still has enough panache to attend a business meeting on a Friday. The bonus feature is the jacket’s ability to be folded into a carryon and shaken out before being worn to that day. Nice.

This is an example of minimal construction and masterful tailoring for Mr. JLW. The jacket is as comfortable to wear as a sweater. He chose a heavier, overcoat fabric to make up to use during the colder months. It drapes beautifully, will wear like iron and feels like a sweater.

All the details are here. The barchetta pocket (the upward curve of the breast pocket accentuates the chest of the wearer and is reminiscent of “a little boat”, hence the name), the matching patch pockets, the leafturned collar and the handsewn shoulder are all gracefully executed and just as pleasing to wear. Off the rack, this ain’t. Off the hook? You bet.

In wool approx. $800. In cashmere $1250. With as much use as this garment will see, that’s pennies a wearing.

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