Show a Little Skin.

That’s a single piece of Louisiana alligator, cut from stem to stern. Nose to tail. And we at Leviner Wood are pleased to offer this most luxurious of bespoke exotic belts.

Most alligator, indeed all exotic skin, belts are spliced together from select parts of the hide. The result is always pleasing and a handmade exotic hide belt has always been one of the discerning marks of the most discriminating dressers. It is a mark of understated luxury that improves with age as it molds to your waist and takes on a unique patina.

A single piece belt, like a wholecut shoe, is a rarity — simply because very few belts can be made from the animal. Can anyone tell the difference? On very close inspection, of course. Besides, if anyone’s that close to your waistline, they know your tastes pretty well already, don’t they?

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