A Father’s Day Treat

If you’ve read the posts below, you’ll be aware of Leviner Wood’s friendly opening price point for custom garments. Just look at our “Fabric of the month” selections for proof!

But, did you know that we also import very special fabrics from Italy and England. We have 100% silks, linens, seersuckers, Summer Kid Mohair, and the open-weave summer classic Crispaire from Holland & Sherry that make up into high-end garments that have to be worn to be believed, especially in the fully hand-canvassed make.

At the moment we have three incredible suits hanging at the studio that we will tell you more about in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’d like to really treat yourself this Father’s Day, explore our range of incredible fabric offerings. You won’t believe that a suit, or sportcoat and trousers can feel so spectacular.


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