3 Must Haves for Fall ’17: Trousers

At Leviner Wood, we look forward to the changing season as a chance to put away the garments we’ve been wearing for the last few months and refresh both our outlook and our closets with a few seasonally specific pieces.

Yes, you have your year-round weight, always appropriate for any business situation suits, but now is the time to wrap yourself in clothes that make you feel like you’re wearing your favorite bathrobe and pajamas.

Let’s start with a great pair of corduroy trousers! Leave it to the Italians to tweak what was already a great wearing fabric and make it perfect. 100% cotton, guaranteed to get more comfortable with age, and custom-made to make you feel like royalty (Cord-du-roi: fabric of the king!)

Add a pair of custom, hard-wearing new tweeds. Why “New?” These are not your grandfather’s heavy, scratchy tweeds. Feel them to believe how incredibly comfortable they are. And tweeds, with all their unique colors and weaves are perfect to pair with sweaters and shirts.Finally, the King of all comfortable fabrics (sorry cords….): Flannel. Soft, fuzzy, warm’ish (again, the new stuff isn’t the heavy-weight you may be thinking of), muted. Flannel is understated luxury at its finest. Pair with everything from a blazer to a sweater, to a jean, suede, or leather jacket.

There! You’re set to be the best dressed and most comfortable guy in the room. Call Larry now before the great colors and fabrics are all spoken for! 804.928.7946.


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