3 Button Long Sleeve Silk and Cashmere Polos Delivered!

Silk and cashmere. Who says sheltering in place has to be shabby?

We here at Leviner Wood have been helping you adapt to the best trends to incorporate into your closet for close to 30 years now. Things had been changing in menswear even before the current health crisis. But when we collectively began to work from home and Zoom our meetings, trends got a little weird. Just click over to Instagram’s #wfhfits and look at what some people consider work suitable clothing… yikes!

Not to worry, we know that our clients, some of the best dressed around, aren’t succumbing to the temptation to work in boxers and ratty robes. And to keep you looking sharp (at least from the waist up), we’ve introduced a range of long sleeved (non-logo’ed!) polos that will integrate seamlessly into your new business-even-more-casual wardrobe. 

Long sleeve polos are your new best friends when it comes to WFH.

Offered in a silk-cashmere blend or 100% Pima cotton, they are perfectly comfortable for the warmer weather and the climate-controlled home or office. The long-sleeves are equally at home under a sport coat or worn on their own.

Our polos are being offered at a special WFH price for the duration of the work-from-home directive. We’d also like to remind you that we can take orders by phone and ship direct via UPS.  And if regular sizing doesn’t work for you, we offer custom if we have your measurements on file.

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