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Mind the Gap: Let’s Keep Things in Proportion.

  We get it, fashion influences the way that you think about clothing, but we’ve stayed quiet long enough. Fashion is fine for disposable clothing; that is clothing that is cheaply made and trendy. Because fashion is aimed at the … Continue reading

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Drago: An Heroic Fabric (Even Though It Sounds Like a Bond Villain….)

I have a number of favorite pieces from my years with Leviner Wood. But one of the most useful and hardy is a pair of navy trousers made of Drago BlueFeel, super 140’s eco-friendly wool. If he had had the … Continue reading

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Quality Shirts… Wrinkle.

You have purposely chosen to set yourself apart from your fellow man by having your clothing made just for you. You have access to the finest fabrics from the best mills in the world. You are comfortable and damnably well-dressed. … Continue reading

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