Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cold Comfort. Carded Wool and Flannel.

What a winter we’re having! Cold, warm, freezing,  snowy, sunny, sleeting. We’ve run the gamut and we’re betting that your wardrobe is pulling double duty. Those “year-round” (three season suits, really) could stand some R&R. That’s when you reach for … Continue reading

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Fabric of the Month: Feb. 2014

There is still a bit of snow in the tree well this morning and the forecast is for temperatures in the upper 60’s! Don’t like the Richmond weather? Wait a minute…. That makes it hard to dress for these shoulder … Continue reading

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Winter Colors

Thoughts of winter often conjure up grey, heavy skies and drifting snow flurries mixed with freezing rain. Not a very appealing palette. It’s time to perk things up by adding a little color to your wardrobe. Now, don’t get worried, … Continue reading

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