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Stick-Toitiveness: Style Advice for Mature Men

Mr. Michael Alden of The London Lounge. Click the photo for the interview. I’ve got a good friend (not Mr. Alden, above, who resides in Italy) who recently retired from a high-profile  job, but, before he did, he updated his … Continue reading

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The Age of Enlightenment

Dear God, not another pair of Dockers and a leather jacket “Getting old ain’t for sissies…” No kidding! But with the complexities of aging and the added gravitas of experience comes a very liberating period in a man’s sartorial career. … Continue reading

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The Best Shirts From the Banks of the River Nile: Thomas Mason.

I used to cheat when it came to shirts. I reasoned that a well-cut coat would hide the multitude of sins that result from ill-fitting shirts. You know, the unsightly bulging of extra material, the too-long or too-short or too-wide … Continue reading

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