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Customizing Your Custom Clothing

That’s the great thing about custom, your clothing reflects your tastes. Take a look at the rather splendid sportcoat above. As it is, it is a handsome garment. One that goes with khakis, jeans, hunter green cords, grey, black and … Continue reading

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They Grow ‘Em BIG in Louisiana

That’s a size 43 belt, made tip to tail of american alligator, handmade, hand burnished, and about to be hand-delivered. To find one piece of alligator hide this long, AND unblemished is almost impossible. Almost. We have one in black, … Continue reading

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Whenever Skies Get Grey

We’re tempted to add a little color to our wardrobe choices. Color helps us look better when we don’t have tans. One of the most natural pairings on the color wheel is grey with purple. Just look closely at the … Continue reading

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