Monthly Archives: August 2013

Double Down and Dress Up

Not the DB you’re remembering from the 80’s. This one is leaner and sleeker. It has a natural shoulder line and shows six buttons, two of which button according to your preference for a longer line or not. Flat front … Continue reading

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Fabric of the Month: August 2013

There are stripes and there are stripes. If typical chalk stripes look as if they've been chalked onto the fabric, these should be called “needle stripes.” They look for all the world as if they were hand-stitched onto a lustrous … Continue reading

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The Versatility of Plaid. The Comfort of Silk and Wool.

You wouldn’t think that plaids are that versatile, would you? But look closer, we did and were pleasantly surprised. Now we knew that this swatch was particularly handsome and with the silk/wool mix featured a beautiful “hand,” but we didn’t … Continue reading

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