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The Covington Cuff: Stealth Custom

Sometimes it pays not to advertise. Sometimes it is enough to know that you have it. “It” being a special lining, working buttonholes, hidden embroidery or The Covington Cuff. An oversized tab, larger button and working button hole take the … Continue reading

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The Southern Suit for Summer

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…. Except you’ve still got to go to a few places that call for a suit. And in that case, nothing beats a traditional Southern summer fabric like seersucker. (OK, it originated in India, … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

  O.K. dads, you’ve come to realize that the significant other and the children have very little sense as to what you really want in a gift (and their taste in ties is astounding.) Well, how about dropping a hint … Continue reading

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