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Seasonal Dressing

Our fat cat Robber Baron forefathers would visit their tailors just before each season to commission their seasonal wardrobes. We at Leviner Wood can only surmise that laundering was particularly brutal back in the day or that the whims of … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Question: The Black Cashmere Sport Coat.

A Leviner Wood client and reader writes:  … how versatile do you think a black cashmere jacket would be, i.e., is it something you’d wear to work or just to social events and possibly church ? Great question and it’s one that we … Continue reading

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Here’s the Beef: Perfect Backyard Burgers for Football Season

After years of research eating every cheeseburger we came across, we at Leviner Wood took matters into our own hands. After all, we’re used to making custom items, why not our own burgers? This being football season, we thought we’d … Continue reading

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