Cufflinks are elegant. They add a bit of dash to what would be just another shirt; albeit a perfectly cut and beautifully fitting custom shirt by Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers.

But many of you find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. Sure you work in an environment in which cufflinks and French-cuff shirts are appropriate, even desirable, but when you’re meeting with clients … well, that’s another story.

Let’s say your day, a day like today, is looking a bit like this: Partners’ meeting at nine o’clock, a burgers and fries lunch with prospect A, late afternoon meeting with client who owns a manufacturing company and dresses in jeans and boots, drinks with prospect B at the Whisky Grill and dinner reservations at The Jefferson with your wife.

That’s when you rely on clothing that does double duty, like the shirt that our man Steele wears in the photo above. It looks suspiciously like a convertible cuff to us.

What’s a convertible cuff? A shirt cuff that has a button and two button holes so that it may be worn as a regular barrel cuff or, with the addition of cufflinks, a single link cuff (instead of the more familiar double French cuff.) They are the James Bond of shirt cuffs, ready for anything, and a good way of trying out cuff links if you think you might like the look.

Besides, you’ve always wanted a convertible something, haven’t you?

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